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Activist Halts Construction of Cove Point LNG Export Terminal

Peaceful Protest Highlights Officials’ Disregard of Natural Gas Export Terminal Risks

In a show of opposition to the recent federal approval of Dominion’s Cove Point natural gas export terminal on the Chesapeake Bay, Maryland mother Kelly Canavan has locked herself to a piece of equipment at a construction site in Solomons integral to the project. Canavan is the president of AMP Creeks Council, a small nonprofit organization that focuses on land use and zoning policy. She is also part of Stopping Extraction and Exports Destruction (SEED), an umbrella group of mid-Atlantic activists fighting energy extraction and exports.

“The AMP Creeks Council has been opposing this project through several lawsuits for about a year,” Canavan said. “Now that FERC is poised to preempt any further victories we might be awarded in Calvert County, and Maryland officials at every level continue to support Dominion instead of residents, we are forced to take this stand. This is a peaceful protest to call attention to the carelessness and injustice that have characterized the course of this project from the beginning.”

Virginia-based Dominion Resources plans to build a $3.8 billion facility that would bring nearly a billion cubic feet of gas per day from fracking wells across the Appalachian region, liquefy it on the Chesapeake Bay, and export it to Asia. The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) approved the project on September 29. Opportunities for public input have been limited and inadequate, and neither the agency nor Dominion has addressed several major environmental, health, and safety concerns.

The Solomons site is about seven miles south of the site of the proposed terminal. Dominion is currently constructing a pier to bring in equipment too large to transport over land. The site is located next to a public boat launch and fishing pier at the base of the Thomas Johnson Bridge, the only route across the Patuxent River between Calvert County and St. Mary’s County, Maryland. The structural soundness of the bridge has been in doubt since cracks appeared in its foundation in 1988. In addition, construction of the pier requires the severe disturbance of oyster habitat in the river.

“The destruction of this prominent area in the Solomons community is tangible proof of the determination of both Dominion and Maryland politicians to steamroll residents’ rights.” Canavan said. “Despite the power of the Federal government in this case, state and local officials still have an important role to play in protecting residents. Instead of joining with them to demand answers from Dominion and FERC, these officials have bent over backward to ease Dominion’s path.”

Under the Natural Gas Act, the Federal government has the ultimate authority in decisions over the siting and construction of natural gas infrastructure, including interstate pipelines, compressor stations, storage facilities, and export terminals. With the recent rapid expansion of domestic gas production through the dangerous practice of hydraulic fracturing, energy companies are proposing new projects at an unprecedented rate. FERC has approved the vast majority of those projects, while failing to consider the cumulative harm they will cause to health, the economy, and the climate.

Canavan’s action coincides with the Beyond Extreme Energy initiative, a week-long series of actions in Washington, D.C. and nearby to demand greater responsiveness, transparency, and accountability from FERC and other federal agencies. For more information, visit

8:05 a.m. Kelly has been extracted and taken to jail. Her support team were all cited for trespassing and allowed to leave.

9:15 a.m. Kelly is facing ten misdemeanor charges of trespassing. We are awaiting further news.

4:25 p.m. Kelly is still being held at the Calvert County detention center, awaiting a hearing.

4:50 p.m. Kelly has had her hearing and is being released on her own recognizance!

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ACTION: Stop Fracked Gas Exports in Maryland!

Take action against the construction of the Cove Point LNG export facility!

SEED (Stopping Extraction and Exports Destruction), an umbrella group of mid-Atlantic activists fighting energy extraction and exports, is calling on everybody who opposes the construction of the Cove Point LNG export facility to join us for a peaceful rally and sit-in against Dominion Energy’s construction of a giant pier, an important first step in the process of constructing the liquid natural gas (LNG) export facility at Cove Point in Lusby, Maryland. This pier will provide a means for Dominion to receive shipments by barge that are too large to transport via land, such as oversized construction equipment.

Where: Solomons, Maryland, “Offsite Area B,” a parcel of land directly east of the boat landing on the Calvert side of the Thomas Johnson bridge that connects Calvert and St. Mary’s Counties. Parking is available at the boat landing, along the streets on Solomons Island and in other parking lots nearby.

There are three ways that people can participate in the action: Group 1 will hold signs and chant, cheering people on in a vibrant display of resistance without any intention of risking arrest. Group 1 will stay on public land that is deemed OK for supporters and onlookers to stand on without harassment from the police or other law enforcement. Group 2 will join with the sit-in until they are given a warning of arrest by the police, at which point they will join Group 1. Group 3 will participate in the sit-in and remain until they are arrested or the action ends.

SEED will be hosting a legal and know-your-rights training during the week of November 3 for anyone who wants to attend (more details to come). Jail support will be provided. However, each participant will be responsible for covering their own subsequent court or bail costs, should there be any.

Please share this call to action with your friends and networks. The more people who participate in this action, no matter which group they decide to join, the more successful it will be! We hope to see you bright and early on November 10!

Need help getting there? Email us at contactseed[at] and we’ll do our best!

Facebook event page:

Activists Shut Down Fracking Industry Coalition’s Office


Chesapeake Earth First! Stops Business As Usual at America’s Natural Gas Alliance

WASHINGTON, DC — In a strong statement of opposition, two activists locked their necks to the front doors of the building that hosts the offices of America’s Natural Gas Alliance (ANGA) while a crowd of supporters held signs around them. This action was taken by Chesapeake Earth First! as part of the Rise Together mobilization, a series of actions and events against extreme energy perpetrators from August 16-24.

The activists locked to the doors wore shirts saying “DC says no to LNG exports” and “Maryland says no to LNG exports,” representing the places they live and their opposition to the Cove Point liquid natural gas (LNG) export facility and liquefaction plant proposed to be built by Dominion Energy in Southern Maryland. ANGA is a strong supporter of the project. One of ANGA’s members, Cabot Oil and Gas Corporation, signed a 20-year agreement to supply the Cove Point facility with fracked gas from across the northeastern US.

“ANGA is the problem, smoothing the way for the gas industry to run ramshod over the health and well-being of the rest of us,” said Donny Williams, one of the activists blocking the doors. “Fracking cannot be performed without the toxic mix of chemicals it uses eventually finding their way to the water table. Our politicians and decision-makers know this, but ANGA exists to help them turn a blind eye.”

“The proposed Cove Point project would be destructive to the entire region, from Cove Point itself in Calvert County, through the compressor stations that would feed it, and all the way through to the Marcellus Shale that would be fracked more heavily once the price of natural gas rises due to exports,” added Jesse Schulz, the other Chesapeake EF! activist attached to ANGA’s doors.

Chesapeake Earth First! is a local faction of a global no-compromise environmental movement. Working throughout the Chesapeake Bay region, Chesapeake Earth First! has been primarily focusing on stopping natural gas and coal exports from the mid-Atlantic. Increasingly, exports are the component that is funding horrendous energy extraction practices like mountaintop removal coal mining and widespread fracking.

More than 30 groups from around the US and the world are involved in the Rise Together mobilization. Halfway through its time period, Rise Together events have included blocking coal trains in the Northern Rockies, conducting a sit-in in a US congressman’s office in Rhode Island and holding a camp in Pennsylvania to teach skills to better organize against fracking where it happens.

For more information, visit

ACTION: Rally in Calvert County June 6

Friday, June 6, 2014

9:00-10:30 a.m.

Calvert County Circuit Court

175 Main Street, Prince Frederick, MD

Join community activists from all over the Eastern U.S. to support The AMP Creeks Council and individuals suing the Calvert County Board of Commissioners and Planning Board. The commissioners exempted the proposed Cove Point LNG facility from the regular permitting process, failing to protect residents’ best interests and safety.


Benefit concert in Cumberland, Maryland

We’re going to have a benefit concert for camp in western Maryland! You can RSVP on Facebook, if you’re into that.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014 from 7:00 to 11:00 p.m.

Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Greater Cumberland

211 South Lee St., Cumberland, MD 21052

Fledgling neophytes SAVAGE MOUNTAIN EARTH FIRST! beg you to join us for a night of music and conversation (and hopefully some donations) to raise awareness about the terrible horrible no good very bad natural gas extraction industry and to hopefully raise a bit of money to help fund the Energy Exports Action Camp taking place in central Maryland from June 2-9, who’s main objectives include the fight against the Cove Point Liquified Natural Gas Export Facility and bringing together activists from all across the region to fight this fight we need to fight…

Line-up includes solo sets by:

Jon Felton

Corey Oglesby (of Worn Joy)


Gabriel Echeverri (Ghost Mountain)

as well as

a brief introduction to fracking and what it could mean for our mountains and communities.

Suggested donation: 7-10 bucks, but no one will be turned away for lack of funds, and no one will be turned away for an excess of funds, i.e.- TURN OUT YER WALLETS YA’LL! (if you can, of course… respectfully requested)

Please come out and help us welcome Savage Mountain Earth First! into the world in proper fashion, see how you can get involved in these struggles if you feel so inclined, and help us get some money to some people doing some things that desperately need to be done!