The Energy Exports Action Camp is being held to increase the ability of people who care to stop disastrous projects in our region — like the proposed Cove Point liquid natural gas export facility and the existing Baltimore coal export terminals. The impacts of these industrial operations affect us directly in the Chesapeake Bay area, but they also finance more devastating practices farther away. Mountaintop removal and hydraulic fracturing (fracking) are two extreme methods currently used to extract coal and gas from beneath the ground — and it’s the money reaped from exporting these materials abroad that makes these unbearable procedures economically feasible.

Through this camp, we hope to bring people together and build skills to make us more effective. We want to connect local concerned people with each other and also with people fighting the ravages of mountaintop removal and fracking in their communities, showing that it’s the same fight and creating better understanding between us all. We want to make sure that our lives and those of future generations won’t be marred by the negative health impacts that accompany every gas liquifaction plant or coal terminal or mountaintop removal site or fracking well.

The time is now to act. Richmond, Virginia-based energy giant Dominion Resources wants to start construction on Cove Point in 2014. People are getting sicker from these practices in places like West Virginia and Pennsylvania. Industrial spills, accidents and explosions are occurring more frequently. This needs to stop. Join us.


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